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Personal Training

Need to get that body summer ready? Why not take a few 1-on-1 training with our qualified Performance Coaches with workouts tailored to your individual needs.


Want to be part of a team? Our group training classes and programs offer you a scheduled workouts so you know exactly what to do everytime you walk into the gym.


You know what they say, you can't out train a bad diet. Knowing what to fuel you body with to get the results is key, with nutrition plans set specifically for you you'll hit your goals in no time!

Blood Testing

Take your training to the next level and know exactly what your body needs. By having your blood tested you'll be able to spot any deficiencies and anomalies in you train and diet.

What Clients Say

About Beyond Human

At Beyond Human we appreciate the complex and ever-growing science behind training and nutrition, however, we also understand the confusion which goes with understanding and applying these protocols into your daily life. We ourselves are real human beings, and our aim to simplify this vast amount of evidence surrounding these subjects, so that you as our clients can produce beyond human results. Our evidence based, yet pragmatic and sustainable approach to training and nutrition, is what separates us from the rest.

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Lives Changed

With new members joining everyday this number will continue to grow



With 3 different classes and over 40 sessions a week there’s something for everyone.



There is no reason for you not to make the change today

Our Team


Mike Sole

With a BSc in Sports Nutrition Mike is your go to for any nutritional advice and how to fuel your body to get the best results.


James Agus

As a former professional rugby player James has an experts view on how your training can effect real life situations.

Gym Administrator

Naomi Hitchmough

Besides whipping the team into shape Naomi is the cheery face that is always there to greet you and help you with anything BH related.

Performance Coach

Mark Sumner

Being a former Royal Marine Mark knows how fitness is crucial to surviving tough situations, with a focus on functional fitness he is ready to whip you into shape.

Performance Coach

Charlotte Shelley

Having spent time competing as a gymnast Charlotte is your go to if you want to develop your core and flexibility, she’ll have you walking on your hands in no time.

Performance Coach

Michael Whettell

Michael is a MSc in Clinical Nutrition wants to develop people through exercise and nutrition, focusing on fueling your body with the correct nutrients.

Performance Coach

Cam Dearie

Having been in the industry from a young age Cam is your go to for anyone looking to develop their big lifts.

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