Beyond Human was founded in January 2017 by James Agus (ex-professional rugby player) and Michael Sole BSc (Sports Nutritionist). Together with their passion for training, nutrition and science they bring you the best opportunity to be your own version of Beyond Human. At Beyond Human we appreciate the complex and ever-growing science behind training and nutrition, however, we also understand the confusion which goes with understanding and applying these protocols into your daily life. We ourselves are real human beings, and our aim to simplify this vast amount of evidence surrounding these subjects so that you as our clients can produce beyond human results. Our evidence-based, yet pragmatic and sustainable approach to training and nutrition, is what separates us from the rest.

Our Classes

We have classes running everyday suitable for beginners and the more advanced gym goers. Each class is easily scalable to your needs with intense workouts giving you washboard abs in no time flat.


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